What will the hairstyle trends be for 2020?

You’re feeling like a change, and want to keep it trendy, so you’ve been wondering what the hairstyle trends will be for 2020. Well, while you’re sitting at home in lockdown (like most of us right now), you may as well search and get some ideas for when you can finally get your butt into your hairstylist’s chair again! So, in no particular order, here are just a few ideas of what some of the top hairstyle trends are going to be for this year. 

Hairstyle trend no.1 – The Beach Waves

Who doesn’t love a bit (or a lot) of natural texture? Well, this is one look that is definitely in for 2020. This hairstyle is a relaxed one with a very soft and tousled look. Some are born with it, some have to fake it. That means we need to add some product and use some magic tools to create the perfect natural textured hairstyle! The Invisiblewear Shampoo and Invisiblewear Conditioner are the ideal start to perfecting this hairstyle on your own. Using a good quality iron is essential too. My choice would be the Moyoko Classic Styler along with a good heat protectant to look after those locks! Try the Heat Buffer Thermal Styling Spray.  Once your hair is dried off completely (because we NEVER use a heat styling tool on damp hair), section your hair and clamp the iron down on a small section of hair, twist your wrist and pull down through the hair. Once you’re done with the whole head, simply run your fingers through your hair, and voila! Hairstyle no.1 is yours! A little secret? To add some extra texture to your finished hairstyle, use a little bit of dry shampoo. The Full Density Dry Shampoo is always a winner.

Beach Waves

Hairstyle trend no.2 – The Short

Short hairstyles are proving to be very popular for one of this year’s hairstyle trends. Not necessarily as short as the pixie cut, but the hairstyle trend is focused more on the shoulder length hairstyles, and of course, the absolute classic bob. The bob seems to be a reigning hairstyle almost every year, but the styling of it and the actual cut tend to change it up a bit. This year will be seeing a lot of textured hairstyles. So, if it is a bob you decide to go for, you should ask your stylist to cut into it and soften the look so it’s not just an “all one length” blunt looking hairstyle. Texturising it will soften the look and make it easier for you to play around with the versatility of the hairstyle. You can choose to go sleek for a more sophisticated hairstyle – for this I would recommend using Awapuhi Wild Ginger Mirrorsmooth Shampoo and Awapuhi Wild Ginger Mirrorsmooth Conditioner, and then finishing it off with Kálice Oil (which also comes in a super handy travel size Kálice Oil (travel size)), or you can choose to go “undone”, tousled and textured for a more casual and romantic hairstyle – for this I would recommend Shampoo One (Litre) and Texture Games Sea Salt Spray.

Short hair

Natural Curl

Hairstyle trend no.4 – The Shag

Ah! The shag hairstyle is so rock ‘n’ roll! Think Joan Jett and the late 70’s and early 80’s! It’s everything all rolled into one fabulous hairstyle – messy, effortless and casual. It’s an easy hairstyle. It’s all about choppy ends, layers everywhere – especially the crown area. And texture, texture, texture. The length is anywhere from chin length to shoulder length. Use the Moyoko Classic Styler to create the waves or curls or straight look that you require for your hairstyle. Run your fingers through your hair and shake it up. You’re done! Air dry it, and just add a little bit of Shape Switcher Molding Paste to help you achieve the hairstyle you’re looking for.

Taylor Swift Shag

Hairstyle trend no.5 – The curtain Bangs

Yet another hairstyle from the past that has resurfaced! The absolutely stunning, soft and flattering of all fringes / bangs – the curtain bangs! It’s the perfect face framing, vintage fringe that pretty much compliments every hairstyle there is. They’re low maintenance and much easier to grow out than the usual, shorter bangs. And a big plus is that they suit every face shape.

Curtain Bangs