Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid

I am a huge fan of the Matrix Total Results range, and I love using it in my salon. However, there has been something missing (or lacking) from the range, and that is a sulfate free product. Well, people….hold onto your hats, because it’s finally here!

What is here, you ask?

It’s the Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid range! This is fabulous for all colours – bright and beautiful! From the fabulous Mocha’s ( Ooh la la! Her hair is Mocha! ) to the pastel purples, blondest of blondes and reddest of reds! Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid hair care range helps keep your much loved colour vivid for up to 65 days!

That’s right! For up to 65 days…..That’s two months, peeps! With the regular use of the Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid hair care range, that amazing colour that you paid for in the salon will remain looking vibrant and fabulous for longer.

The entire range of the Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid is packaged in a cheeky pink and smells just heavenly! It is pearl infused and smells of vanilla and coconut (hello, beachy / holiday scents!). Along with producing the most amazing shine on all hair colours with each use, the entire range is sulfate free – so it is perfectly safe to use if you have had a Brazilian blow wave too!

What products are in the range?

The Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid home care range consists of the following products:

Keep Me Vivid Shampoo: This is the first sulfate free shampoo available in the Matrix Total Results range. It lathers beautifully, gently cleanses the hair, and enables the colour molecules to remain in the hair for longer.

Keep Me Vivid Conditioner: This lightweight conditioner treats and gently nourishes the hair, leaving it super shiny and feeling silky and soft.

Keep Me Vivid Velvetizer: This is applied to damp hair after shampooing and conditioning, and not rinsed out. Used before blow drying or air drying to smooth and protect the hair, and its UV filter protects your hair colour from fading.

Keep Me Vivid Lamination Spray: Use the Lamination Spray continuously between salon visits to keep your colour vivid.

When can I get my hands onto it?

The Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid shampoo and conditioner have just been launched in South Africa. The Velvetizer and Lamination Spray will be available soon!

Well done on this amazing (and affordable!) product range, Matrix!