Project Description

Hair Extensions For The First Time

Lauren has been a client of mine for a couple of years now. She has incredibly fine hair, and she has been trying to grow it the entire time I’ve known her! Unfortunately, it gets to a certain stage where it just appears limp and lifeless, so she cuts it again.

What we have tried

Even though her hair is very fine, it also has a mind of its own. A little bit of frizz here, a wave and a curl there. So for this she has a Brazilian Blow Wave every 3 – 4 months. This helps to control her hair and keep it all going in one direction. I have also previously added a few foil hi-lights in her hair to assist with some body and to create a fuller look.

Did this help?

Unfortunately, even with all of the amazing products and treatments we have tried, she has still just reached the stage where she battles to style her own hair and lands up asking me to cut her hair. Last year we ended up giving her a gorgeous pixie cut. It looked amazing, but she still yearned for long hair.

My recommendation

I asked her to consider trying hair extensions to give her the body and the instant length that she desired. Hair extensions are incredibly popular at the moment, and there are so many options to choose from. Whether it’s clip-in hair extensions, taped hair extensions, micro-beaded hair extensions or keratin / fusion bonded extensions, there is an option for everyone. My recommendation for Lauren was that we install keratin / fusion bonded extensions for her.

My reason for this was because once the fusion bonded extensions are installed, there isn’t really a salon based maintenance regime that is required. Her career doesn’t allow for her to take a lot of time off of work, so she really just needed something that is low maintenance.

What we finally did

She had a home colour on her hair (clears throat) which I had to sort out before any installation began. She had dark red hair. Because the fusion bonded hair extensions last anything between 3 – 6 months, I needed to ensure that we chose hair extensions as close to her natural colour as possible. I opted for 3 different shades of a natural dark brown, as this always gives the hair extensions a more natural and blended look.

I began with applying an ash based tint that is a shade or two darker than her natural colour. This was for 2 reasons:

  1. The ash undertone neutralises the red
  2. I allowed for the natural fading of hair colour to ensure her natural hair stays blended with her hair extensions for as long as possible

I used 140 fine keratin / fusion bonded hair extensions throughout her hair. Due to her hair being so fine naturally, and this being her first time ever having hair extensions, that was the maximum that I could install in her hair.

The final result

The final result of her hair extensions turned out beautifully. She has the length that she has been craving, and her hair has volume like she’s never experienced before! And the amazing thing is that it looks so incredibly natural. Once I had completed the installation, I advised her on the correct way to look after her hair extensions (moisture home care / shampoo and a soft bristled Denman brush). Having these hair extensions in will give her own hair the time to grow without her wanting to cut it all off. I loved doing this transformation, and Lauren is feeling like a new person!

Products used:

  • Matrix SoColor
  • Keiro Hair Extensions