She wanted a healthy balayage ombre’

 She wanted a healthy balayage ombre' From dry and damaged, to balayage ombre' Her hair has been a lot of colours lately, but very far from a balayage ombre'. A few of them I had seen in person. The rest I saw in pictures. But I had never done her hair until this day. [...]


Ooh la la! Her hair is Mocha!

Ooh la la! Her hair is Mocha! Shiny, happy Mocha Hair Shiny, happy Mocha Hair. In her own words when she messaged me to book her appointment, her hair was "crying for me". She's been so busy with work and exams lately, so her beautiful hair was given the back seat for a while. After [...]


From brassy to platinum blonde hair

From brassy to platinum blonde hair Platinum blonde and beautiful The Matrix brand is amazing. I was excited to apply this amazing platinum blonde colour! I didn't know the brand of colour she was used before. What I do know that her previous stylist used Olaplex treatments on her hair with every visit, great job!!. [...]


Outdoorsy people can also have great hair

Outdoorsy people can also have great hair Outdoorsy with beautiful hair This beautiful lady was tired of the dark build up of colour. She wanted to lighten it by a few shades before her trip overseas. Besides the pending trip, she wanted her hair to be easier to manage with her outdoor lifestyle. As a horse riding instructor, [...]


It took 13 hours

It took 13 hours 13 hours later and she loved it She had a solid colour and wanted something different. The challenge was that she was using cheap home colour at R20 a tube, not that the price is an issue but more the quality of the hair product. This made it very difficult [...]