Which Oscars 2020 hairstyle was your favourite?

Ah…the Oscars! The star studded awards evening to celebrate those that entertain us in movies! The event is a massive one for the celebs, and they spend months choosing their outfits, jewels, make-up, and of course, their hairstyles! Some hit, and some miss. But this year seemed to have more hits than misses. I’ve listed a few for you below.

The Low Buns

One of the biggest trends at the Oscars 2020 last night seemed to be the low buns with a few soft tendrils surrounding the face. Here are a few of the celebrities that chose this as their Oscars 2020 hairstyles.

Oscars 2020 hairstyles_low buns

Kelly Ripa went for an elegant, old school style for her Oscars 2020 hairstyle. She had a classic low bun at the nape of her neck, and soft, wavy tendrils in the front and swept to the side. It was a stunning, soft look!

Idina Menzel opted for a strong and defined middle parting, soft tendrils around the face and low messy bun at the nape of her neck as her Oscars 2020 hairstyle.

With her green and black hair, Billie Eilish already makes a statement wherever she goes. But she added to this and for her Oscars 2020 hairstyle, she had her hair styled into a low bun complete with soft tendrils around her face and a Coco Chanel hair accessory to finish it off.

Caitriona Balfe’s Oscars 2020 hairstyle was a slicked down low bun with a very flat and very defined middle parting. This was quite a hard look, however, she had a lot going on with her top, so the slicked hair made sense.

Rene Zellweger opted to go for the look that she knows suits her for her Oscars 2020 hairstyle. Her parting was in the middle, and the low bun was soft and elegant with a few tendrils framing her face and tucked behind her ear. Very classic and elegant.


The updo’s

There were a few celebrities that opted for formal undo’s as their choice of the Oscars 2020 hairstyles. Some old school, and some with a modern twist by adding the current trend of hair accessories!

Oscars 202 hairstyles_updos 1

Julia Butters is only 10 years old, and she rocked her Oscars 2020 hairstyle! It was a gorgeous, trending top knot with soft tendrils framing her face. She didn’t wear any hair accessories, but her best accessory that she was carrying with her? A Turkey sandwich in her handbag!

Sandra Oh decided on a fabulous updo for her Oscars 2020 hairstyle! There was lots of body and movement in the front, and a stunning mohawk braid at the back.

A look that I’m still on the fence about is the one chosen by Greta Gerwig as her Oscars 2020 hairstyle. It was a very straight and very simple half up look. The side parting in the front was elegant, but the straight pieces hanging around at the back looked like they ran out of time or ideas for her look. Maybe if they had added soft waves or a statement hair accessory it would have popped a bit more.

The word that came to mind when I saw Salma Hayek’s Oscars 2020 hairstyle…ethereal. With her hair beautifully styled away from her face and into an elegant high bun, she looked amazing. Add that major statement hairpiece….and her look couldn’t have been more perfect.

Scarlett Johansson chose an elegant and absolutely stunning look for her Oscars 2020 hairstyle. The front had a soft middle parting and soft, wavy tendrils around her face, and the back had a messy chignon finished off with an elegant and unusual silver accessory.

Oscars 2020 hairstyles_updos 2

A lot of noise was made about Saoirse Ronan’s debut of her new bangs. It definitely suits her and frames her face perfectly. She chose a simple look for her Oscars 2020 hairstyle – soft tendrils around the front and finished off beautifully with a gorgeous jewel bee hair accessory (inset).

Rooney mara opted for a simple, scraped back top knot as her Oscars 2020 hairstyle. I love that it was finished off with one of the season’s biggest trends at the moment – a hair scrunchie!

Brie Larson had a stunning statement dress, so it made sense for her to decide on a simple and played down look for her Oscars 2020 hairstyle. However, I do think she should have gone with a softer look. I found this look very hard on her face and it didn’t quite go with the soft colour and flowing style of her dress. She had a side parting, and all of her hair was pulled into a tight style to the back of her head.

Charlize Theron has been wearing her hair very short these days, so there’s not much that can be done with a short hairstyle like hers. Although her Oscars 2020 hairstyle was in the usual flat side parting, she did add a hidden and unusual hair accessory at the back. There wasn’t much to it, but it did at least break the “boyish” look for her.

Margaret Qualley decided to go into full elegant and old school mode with her choice of Oscars 2020 hairstyle. All of her hair was pulled up into elegant and almost regal looking crown braids around the top of her head.


The Straight and The Wavy

There were some real stunners with their old school Hollywood waves and deep side sweeps, and then there were some that seemed like they didn’t make much of an effort at all. This is a glamorous event, and I think they should go all out with their hairstyles and makeup, instead of keeping with looks that they would wear every day even when popping out to the grocery store.

Oscars 2020 hairstyles_straight and wavy 1

America Ferrera chose to keep her locks dead straight as her Oscars 2020 hairstyle. She had a defined middle parting and chose an unusual headband, but it all seemed to work very well for her. The headband she attributed to her ancestors – the indigenous Lenca tribe of Honduras. It was quite a power look. Complete with a baby bump 🙂

The Oscars 2020 hairstyle that Laura Dern chose for herself was leaving her long blonde hair loose with some very soft waves to give it that little bit of oomph! The sides were clipped back and she opted for a heavy side swept fringe. Overall a very elegant look.

Kaitlyn Dever’s choice of her Oscars 2020 hairstyle left a lot to be desired for me. A simple side parting and left dead straight. One little accessory could have made that beautiful hair colour just pop.

Beanie Feldstein, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Rebel Wilson! You go, girls! These were all absolute classic Hollywood cinematic looks! A deep side sweep and stunning, tight waves! Classic and elegant perfection. Rebel Wilson added that final touch of a stunning gold hair clip for that little pizzaz!

Oscars 2020 hairstyles_the straight and the wavy 2

It was lovely seeing Geena Davis on the red carpet again. She always looks so elegant. And her choice of Oscars 2020 hairstyle was a safe one, but on point with the trends. She had an elegant bob with a deep side parting and soft beach waves for some bounce.

Maya Rudolph’s Oscars 2020 hairstyle was a bit too blunt and too straight for me. She seemed happy and comfortable with it, but I think I would have added an accessory or some waves to soften it.

Penelope Cruz dazzled in her gorgeous Chanel Couture dress and killer heels, but her hair left me feeling like it was letting the whole look down. She has gorgeous hair, but I think she should have had it in an elegant updo instead of straight and loose.

Natalie Portman chose to keep it safe but trendy for her Oscars 20202 hairstyle. She wore it in a soft and wavy bob. The middle parting suited the look well.

Another celeb to opt for the old school Hollywood cinematic look as her Oscars 2020 hairstyle was Margot Robbie. The soft waves and deep parting look so elegant on her.

I really liked this one! A lot of people think that if you have short hair, there’s not much that you can do with it. Well, Lucy Boynton has proved otherwise with her choice of Oscars 2020 hairstyle and accessories. Adding some pearls along her parting in her wavy bob defined her parting and gave it an unusual and funky finish!